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Why use a garden designer?

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Get it right

A good, professional garden designer will save you time and money too. With access to an unrivalled range of plants and landscaping materials we know where to source the best products at the best prices. And because we plan and coordinate a new garden from its very inception we can help you achieve real cost savings. Yes, there will be design fees, but these are usually more than offset by the other savings. And then, of course, you also end up with a fantastic garden at the end of it.

Why use Bespoke Gardens?

  • Chelsea and Hampton Court medal winner
  • Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers (see Who?)
  • Portfolio of successful gardens
  • Imaginative and distinctive bespoke designs
  • 3d computer modelling
  • Plants and hard landscaping in harmony
  • Clear and affordable fee structure

Chelsea and Hampton Court medal winner

Back in 2007 and 2008, before we became rather too busy, we won Silver-gilt medals at the Chelsea Flower Show and the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. See the Portfolio for photos of the gardens. The gardens were featured widely on the BBC and in the press, with the Chelsea garden showing an ingenious solution for a rooftop garden, and the Hampton Court butterfly garden demonstrating how to create an attractive and wildlife friendly area in a large garden.

Portfolio of successful gardens

See our Portfolio on-line.

Imaginative and distinctive bespoke designs

Chelsea challenges designers to push the boundaries of their imagination, and our success in 2007 was due in the main to our ability to think laterally around a problem, taking due heed of all the constraints of site and soil. All our projects display the same intelligent analysis, steering clear of formulaic solutions, aiming always to bring fresh thinking to any design challenge. This means that our gardens will have real personality, and will not be dull impersonations of a thousand other gardens.

3d computer modelling

All too often, garden designs look great on paper in two dimensions, but translate poorly into the real world. At Bespoke Gardens we always think of the three dimensions of the physical world, and more often than not we create a 3d computer model of the space, simulating sunlight and shadow at different times of the day and year, analysing differences in levels, and generally making sure that the critical vertical dimension is not forgotten.

Plants and hard landscaping in harmony

A glance at our Portfolio reveals the varied nature of our designs. It also shows that our gardens create a symbiosis between strong, bold design of the hard landscaping elements and plant interest. We aim to achieve a perfect harmony between planting and other features, whether in the restrained empty spaces of a Zen garden, or in the exuberant profusion of a jungle garden.

Clear and affordable fee structure

We follow the recommended fee structure of the Society of Garden Designers, and will set out in writing what our fees will be before you commit to the project. Thus, you should never be in any doubt about what you are getting and how much it will cost. Please see the How Much? pages for further details.