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Who designs at Bespoke Gardens?

Andrew Marson M.A., dipGD, MSGD

Society of Garden Designers - Registered MemberIn my mid 30s, with a lifelong passion for gardens, I interrupted a successful career as a conference interpreter to retrain in garden design at the Pickard School of Garden Design in London. Whilst gaining experience working for a number of years at the historic gardens of the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace I set up Bespoke Gardens in central London in 2005 and have built up a successful garden design practice over the intervening years.

Having met the stringent entry requirements for admission as a Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers, I launched Bespoke Gardens in a second location, and now split my time between London and the Cotswolds.

It is the ability to pull together a diversity of artistic, technical, and even emotional influences that I believe a good garden designer must possess above all else. The garden designer’s mind must be a clearing house of data and images from history, art, architecture, building, planning, horticulture, geology, meteorology, and so on. I believe that my arts background, my extensive foreign travel, and wide reading have equipped me to design beautiful gardens that will give my clients years of pleasure.