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When is the right time to commission a garden design?

No time like the present. The important thing to remember is that it takes time to move from initial consultation to completed garden. So if you need your garden ready in time for an important event, make sure you allow enough time for planning, designing and building – usually at least 12 weeks (see How? for further details of the stages).

It’s natural to start thinking about outdoor life when the weather starts to improve in the spring, but you’re better off starting the process much earlier in the season so as to beat the rush and to stand a better chance of securing the services of a top landscape contractor.

When is the best time to build and plant a garden?

Bad weather can get in the way of outdoor construction and can hold things up for a few days when it’s at its worst. For example, it’s best not to plan to excavate when torrential rain is forecast, or to plan to lay concrete when a freeze is on the way, but in our generally mild climate there are not too many restrictions.

Most plants used in today’s schemes are grown in containers and so will not mind too much when they get transferred to open ground. However, unless you have an automatic watering system installed or are on hand with the hose, it’s best not to think about planting a large scheme during the hottest months. It is true that some plants need to be planted when dormant (bare rooted specimens for example), which would typically be between November and March, and this may affect timings in certain cases. If you are in doubt about the best time to build and plant your garden then we would be happy to advise.