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How much?

How much should I spend on my garden?

Many people spend a great deal on their homes yet neglect one of their greatest assets, their garden. An attractive, well-designed garden is an investment as it provides lasting pleasure and can add value to your property.

Devoting, say, 10% of the value of your property to your garden is likely to prove a sound investment, giving you hours of pleasure, and enhancing the monetary value of your home. The money you spend on your garden will also keep on accruing value because, as long as the garden is well maintained, the plants will grow and mature. Which means that as time passes, your beautiful garden just goes on getting better.

How much does garden design cost?

Clearly, when you decide to invest in your garden, you will want to be sure that your money is well spent. Whether your budget is 4 figures or 7 figures, you don’t want to be throwing good money after bad, which is why it is worth devoting a small percentage of the overall project cost to professional garden design.

Bespoke Gardens offers a range of services including initial consultation, plot survey, design work, graphical presentation work, technical drawings, setting out plans, written specifications, planting plans, tendering management, and construction monitoring. All of our work is designed to meet your individual specifications.

For the initial consultation we charge a small fee, but this is reimbursed if you engage Bespoke Gardens to design your garden.
Although, without discussing your individual requirements, it is impossible for us to give a precise indication of how much we would charge for our garden design services in your particular case, we can offer the following rough guide:

  • for smaller projects (say, up to £10,000), you should count on devoting 18%-20% of your overall budget to garden design (from initial consultation right the way through to signing off the construction)
  • for larger projects (say, up to £50,000), you can reckon on spending 12%-18% of your budget on the range of garden design services listed above
  • and for big projects (say, £50,000 and upwards), the percentage of your overall budget that you are likely to spend on garden design services may drop as low as 8%.

It is worth devoting a small percentage of your overall budget to professional garden design to ensure that the money you do spend gives you the garden that you want.

Bespoke Gardens would be happy to discuss the cost of garden design for your particular garden, so please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We will aim to provide a competitive quote providing best value for money while maintaining quality and originality in our garden design for you.